We found ourselves in this new fantastical existence.. free from foul play and injustice but still harsh, brutal and imperfect. Social morality had vastly improved from the collapse of the last world, but daily living is entirely in the hands of the people. The capitalist structure has broken down, making the cogs of society flow with less fluidity than before. Car parks, supermarkets and shopping centres have become overgrown and developed into their own multi-level eco chambers, where wildlife is thriving and plants and vines have overtaken bricks and steel. A land free from tyranny, free from fat cats. A land where schools replaced hymns and milk with fungi and bob Marley.

The global rebellion triggered a mass eradication of all corporate vultures, thieves in suits and financial opportunists who were for the few rather than the many. Borders, debt and faux justice are a thing of the past. But it’s not all kumbaya round the camp fire.. existence is hard- towns, villages and cities are all fractured. Yet morale is high. Society exists in a disjointed yet perfectly connected way. Corporations have been replaced by communities, mortgages replaced by morality and dance floors are considered places of worship.

The internet has largely been wiped out and accessing it is near impossible. Finding a web-ready machine is the equivalent of finding a shiny charizard. But instead of clambering and chaos to connect, people are happy to forget the things that come hand in hand with the cyber web of knowledge.. credit files, corruption and addictive networking. Fleximodal TV is the furthest reaching broadcast around and old world vegetative programming has been replaced by music, art and creative collaboration.

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